“Meet today the photographers of tomorrow

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We want to meet the new faces of wedding photography and help them reach higher

Bodaf New Talent wants to highlight the work of the professional photographer who is starting in the wedding industry

and old-school professionals who have changed their style to adapt to the new times.

“Meet today the photographers of tomorrow”

This will be the sixth edition of these awards that now change their name and scope. The previously called Revelation Prize has given us many surprises and discoveries in Spain. Raquel Benito, Pablo Beglez, Daniel Alonso, Javier Abad, Javi Collazo, Joao Almeida, Pedro Vilela, Look Imaginay, Pablo Laguía… among others are wedding photographers who won the prize in the past editions in Spain. The winners are chosen by Unionwep photographers and the speakers of Bodaf Europe. We are experts in discovering new talents of wedding photography.


Lelia Scarfiotti 
Marcos Sanchez

Who can participate in Bodaf New Talent?

All wedding photographers residing in Europe. We are looking for wedding photographers who stand out by their creativity and style.

Is experience required to participate?

No, talent is not linked to experience.

Can highly experienced photographers participate?

Yes, wedding photographers who have recently innovated, changed or improved their style are welcome in this award.

What is the prize for the winner?

There will be a Bodaf  New Talent Europe winner and special mentions to the highest rated photographer from each country in Europe.

Bodaf New Talent brings you notoriety and recognition. In addition, the winner will be invited to participate in one of Bodaf congresses in Barcelona, Oporto, Mexico or Los Angeles. Also Bodaf’s sponsoring brands offer major prizes for the winner.

What’s the deadline to participate?

You can apply until 19th February at 23:00h. We will announce the finalists on 27th February.

When will you announce the winner?

The winner will be announced at the ceremony awards in Bodaf  Europe in Barcelona.



The winner will be announced at the ceremony awards in Bodaf Europe in Barcelona.

The deadline for participation is over, in a few days we announce the finalists.