Roberto Panciatici

Conference + Master Class


Friday, March 16

This Master Class in English and translated into Spanish

16 h. > 21 h. One day Master Class.

This is a Master Class, summarized from my usual workshop in just 5 hours.

  • The importance of the story behind the stories, your story
  • Focus on your why
  • Business – How to target your clients and pricing
  • Competition – The importance to not compete
  • How to growing up in the Jungle
  • How to stay creative
  • Inspiration: where, how and why
  • Portraits, a view behind the camera (looking at the raw files of a portrait session)
  • Workflow – The why and the how after the photographic service
  • Blogging – The way I blog. Social media and the rule of the 6%
  • Live shoot // Post processing

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