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Conference + Master Class



Conference + Master Class


MyWed Photographer of the year 2017  |  Top 10 Fearless Photographer of 2016 | ISPWP, WPJA, WPS Top 10 Photographer of 2017

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(es necesario tener la entrada de Bodaf reservada) 


(es necesario tener la entrada de Bodaf reservada) 

About Ken Pak

“I am a Washington, DC based photographer with immense passion in weddings. For the past years, I have been extremely blessed to be acknowledged as one of the top wedding photographers in US and the world by Fearless Photographers, MyWed, WPJA, ISPWP, & etc. with some prestigious awards from Rangefinder magazines, JuneBug weddings & etc. that helped me featured in media outlets. Although I love spending time with family, I love traveling, especially for destination weddings and speech/teaching opportunities around the world, and this experience & networking really helps becoming a better photographer and a better person”

Conference: Running Ahead of the Game

Client Relations:

  • How do you meet clients and where? Phone call, Facetime, In person at your studio, with sample books & etc.
  • Your price VS market price What is the benefit staying higher AND/OR lower?
  • Case Studies based on my hiring experience

Master Class:

Embrace yourself and trust yourself with persistence

  • Special presentation on Ken Pak’s creative photos and the behind thinking process.
  • How I developed my own creative thinking process for kickass wedding stories.
  • How to keep a good balance between your knowledge, sensibility, art/creative vision and business perspective.
  • Empower yourself with fundamentals of photography built from constant study, experiment & experience.
  • Learning how to light better & createively to empower your wedding photos.
  • How you can differentiate yourself by doing low light and night time photo taking.
  • How to play with foreground elements and keen the surrounding background clean and organized.
  • How to photograph a moment with natural and dynamic nature using a speed light .
  • Importance of Ice breaker with subjects.
  • Why creative & true story-telling wedding can be more impactful .
  • Importance of the creative wedding photography driven by the photographer’s creative mind, style and voice.
  • What makes you be portrayed as a photographer OR as an artist?
  • In-depth discussion touching base with Originality/Creativity, Journalism and Plagerism in wedding photography.
  • Importance of image critiques for your growth.
  • Plus a portfolio review or anything else you’d like to squeeze into the time!

*The contents of the above speech & workshop may be subject to change.

Esta Master Class es Ingles y Español

Lunes 11 de Marzo de 10 a 19 h. 

Conferencia 12 – 13 de Marzo con traducción simultánea English / French / Spanish 

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